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Holograma de un Recuerdo / Hologram of a Memory

  • Pink light and a halftone dot pattern projected over several long swathes of silver holographic foil material hanging down from a high ceiling. They are various lengths, with some not reaching the floor, and others spilling onto the floor and draping over low pedestals a few feet away.
  • Blue and pink light cast over many sheets of paper with slightly varied imagery printed on them. The imagery consists of abstract blue, pink, white, and silver foil shapes.
  • pink light and a halftone dot pattern projected over two pillars wrapped in holographic foil material and the wall behind them


The immersive installation in the exhibition Holograma de un Recuerdo/Hologram of a Memory, is the creation of Maria Burundarena’s work since moving to the United States. This is a continuation of Burundarena’s exploration of the boundaries of image and light, in which she plays with the gallery space to make it the show’s protagonist. Burundarena engages with the tension of multiple velocities and dimensions to create a sense of awe that goes beyond beauty and admiration. The viewer also has the option to become immersed in the images to understand that what is being observed is not a real image but a trace of reality, allowing them to take flight to a new reality.

Chicago-based artist Maria Burundarena was born in 1989 in Paris, France, and grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a visual artist and educator who has developed work as a textile designer and photographer, printing different narratives in diverse objects and environments, such as garments, sculptures, installations and LED screens. Her work is currently focused on installations using large-scale printed images, light projection and reflective materials.

Burundarena has been exhibited at ZAZ 10 in New York City’s Times Square, Comfort Station, Compound Yellow, Chicago Athletic Association, Mayfield, Mana Contemporary, The Franklin, Heaven Gallery and Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, Illinois. She received a BFA in fashion design from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (FADU) in 2016, where she also worked as a lecturer between 2016 and 2018 in the Fashion Design department. In 2022, she received an MFA in fiber and material studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she is currently a lecturer in the Contemporary Practices department.

Photography credit to Eugene I Peng Tang.

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