De Pree Art Gallery

Maria Calandra: pencil in the studio
October 7–November 5, 2021

About the Exhibition

Maria Calandra’s “Pencil in the Studio” series is an ongoing 10+ year project of pencil-on-paper drawings of other artists’ working places. Cumulatively, the series documents a loosely knit-together artistic community centered in New York City that grows over time. Many of Calandra’s subjects have become both friends and prominent figures in contemporary art as their professional careers have grown since their initial documentation. Co-curated by Calandra and Jay Henderson, De Pree Gallery Director, this exhibition pairs Calandra's drawings with artworks from her subject's studios. Taken as a whole, the exhibition is a personal perspective on the dynamic artistic scene of NYC and will contribute to defining this generation of contemporary artists.

“Pencil in the Studio” features artists: Erik den Breejen, Kari Cholnoky, Kimia Kline, EJ Hauser, Joy Curtis, Jason Stopa, Mike Olin, Christine Heindl, Butt Johnson, Erin Lee Jones, Richard Tinkler, Eve Aschheim, Wendy White, JJ Manford, Matthew F. Fisher, Angelina Gualdoni, Inna Babaeva, Wells Chandler, Elizabeth Glaessner, Chris Doyle and Rachel Beach.

Hope College Press Release - Pencil in the Studio 

Gallery Staff

Jay Henderson

Kristin Underhill
Assistant to the Director

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Design Manager

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De Pree Gallery Design Intern

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