/ De Pree Art Gallery

Intercultural Art Practice in South Korea

  • relief print of dark purple geometric and organic shapes on light purple paper
  • black and white print of many circles spaced irregularly but interconnected by thin lines
  • print of a pale red circle above and slightly overlapping the edge of mound of small red marks

September 28–October 5, 2023

The collection of works in this exhibition is the product of a three-week trip to South Korea and continued art practices at Hope College after the trip. The program was funded by ASIANetwork, the Department of Art and Art History, and the Office of the Dean for Arts and Humanities. During those three weeks, four students (Madai Huerta ’23, Isabella Gaetjens-Oleson, Ayanna Njoroge and Joanna Locke) and Professor Leekyung Kang engaged in a series of cultural site visits, discussions and field trips to Buddist temples. The students also participated in a printmaking workshop at Print Art Research Center (PARC), as well as a traditional Korean paper (hanji) mill. This allowed students to develop informed and educated perspectives on various aspects of the history of art and printmaking, the history of Korean culture and contemporary Korean society.

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