/ De Pree Art Gallery

Juried Student Show

  • wall-mounted sculpture with bent metal rods sticking out at various angles, wrapped in light blue and pink yarn, some rods have plaster body parts at the end
  • woman's face printed in black ink, with the same image rotated 180 degrees and printed on top in red ink
  • two sheets of mylar, each with different images of a liquid droplet pattern printed in dark blue and grey tones
  • grey-toned painting of an empty chair facing a wall with sketches pinned to it

November 18–December 8, 2022
Guest Juror Cooper Holoweski

The annual Juried Student Exhibition features artwork by students at Hope. Each year, the Department of Art and Art History invites an accomplished artist or curator to select student artwork for the exhibition. This year’s guest juror is Cooper Holoweski, co-head of print media at Cranbrook Academy of Art. The outstanding artwork on view showcases the broad range of talent possessed by these students, including everything from drawing and photography to video and installation art.

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