/ De Pree Art Gallery

2023 Juried Student Exhibition

  • Two similar photographs of a woman's legs and feet, wearing a long skirt and low-heeled black shoes, atop a table arranged with colorful dinnerware, tea cups, and wine glasses. In one photo she holds a full wine glass in the foreground, and in the other she holds the glass between her feet.
  • Mixed media painting of several hands with and without arms arranged in various positions inside of a portion of a circle. One hand reaches out to cross the outline of the circle.
  • A collage of photographs of a busy street next to a wide and tall white building. Two people in the front are sitting or leaning on a low stone wall, and headshots of the artist's face is placed over their heads. All the photos are in sepia tones, except for the artist's headshots.



The annual Juried Student Exhibition showcases the artistic talent of our students here at Hope College. This year, the gallery will show the artwork of more than 30 students, selected from over 180 submissions. From the included works, three artists were awarded first, second and third place: Sophia Funston, “So happy I came” (triptych); Rachel Douma, Untitled (Headspace); and Sarah O’Neil, i might’ve been born yesterday, but i’ve been up all night.

Each year, an esteemed artist or curator is invited to choose the artwork for the exhibition. This year’s juror is Casey Droege, artist and founder of Casey Droege Cultural Productions, a woman- and disability-owned, artist-run business created in 2016.

Droege is a self-described slightly organized tornado, an artist and a cultural producer with a practice that’s hard to pin down. It floats between organizing and object making, while incorporating entrepreneurialism (because it’s useless if you can’t eat). Their work has been written about in the New York Times, Temporary Art Review, ARTSY and most Pittsburgh publications.

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