/ De Pree Art Gallery


  • many people milling around the gallery and viewing the artwork
  • white ceramic pieces with the texture of knitted fabric mounted on the wall
  • charcoal drawing composed of swirling black, white, and red shapes and lines
  • painting of several dark drooping lines overlapping each other

Senior Art Exhibition
April 21–May 7, 2023

The annual senior art exhibition is a long-standing tradition in the De Pree Gallery, celebrating the hard work and dedication of our soon-to-be alumni. This year’s exhibition, Cacophony, is presented by the M2C2S2 Art Collective, a group comprised of our graduating Studio Art majors. The show features artwork in a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, as well as research by our graduating art history majors.

Our outstanding senior class of 2023 includes:

  • Madai Huerta — studio art major, art history minor
  • Maddie Nelson — studio art major, dance production minor
  • Cassidy Lusk — studio art major, English minor
  • Charlotte Hartfiel — studio art major, art history minor
  • Sarah Hibma — studio art major, art history minor
  • Sophie Mae — studio art major
  • Zoe Blough — art history and communication majors

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