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Burnatowska-Hledin Research Group

The action of vasopressin is essential for body fluid homeostasis and blood pressure regulation. Recently, we have cloned a vasopressin binding protein (VACM-1) from the kidney that mobilizes cytosolic free calcium in response to vasopressin. This protein shows no homology with known vasopressin receptors and represents a novel family of receptors. Thus, the research conducted in our laboratory is directed at characterizing this new protein and the role it may play in water reabsorption by the kidney and in blood pressure regulation. Students will work on individual projects relating to the ongoing research of the lab. They will learn new techniques in molecular biology and biochemistry including making cDNA libraries, PCR, cloning techniques, mutagenesis, DNA sequencing, mRNA, DNA and protein isolation and purification, electrophoresis, Northern, Western and Southern blotting, spectrophotometry, tissue culture and intracellular ion measurements.