/ Engineering Department


Every engineering student takes a core set of courses that offer an introduction to each area of engineering and provide a broad base of knowledge.

After about three semesters, you’ll take upper-level specialty courses to delve deeper into one particular area of engineering.

View full course information in the catalog We recommend a specific sequence when choosing which courses to take each semester. Please speak with an engineering faculty member each semester prior to registration.

Courses you might take include:

Introduction to Engineering

Students building a speaker

Steel StructuresCivil Engineering students visit construction site of new Bultman Student Center

Electric CircuitsStudents in circuits lab control robot using their muscle signals and a circuit they built

Mechanics of Materials

Mechanics of Materials students beneath an overpass

Senior Design

Students demonstrate their senior design project

Biomedical Instrumentation

Biomedical Engineering students determine relationship between muscle signals and joint moment.