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Global Partner Institutions

Are you interested in experiencing life on Hope’s campus? If you’re a faculty member or student at one of our global partner institutions, you’re welcome to take advantage of our partnerships and experience Hope’s campus.

Hope faculty and students gain valuable insights and experience by working collaboratively with our international scholars. We’re thrilled to get a chance to work with you! Take a look at our global partner institutions.

Students from our longstanding partner schools (listed below) can also visit Hope College on a short-term basis, for one to four weeks, learning about American culture, society and life on a liberal arts campus.

International faculty

Union Christian College (India)
Union Christian College, in Aluva, is one of our Global Partners in India. Established in 1921, Union Christian College (UCC) is an ecumenical institution accredited by NAAC and affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi University. UCC offers Hope faculty and students opportunity to conduct research in the areas of physics, chemistry, mathematics, botany, zoology, psychology and economics. Faculty and student exchanges further enhance this relationship. Through the United Board for Christian Higher Education we have received colleagues from UCC as visiting exchange professors to Hope College.
Ferris University (Japan)
Hope's relationship with Ferris dates back over 100 years. Our programs have exchanged students in a variety of majors. In fact, in 2006 we welcomed Ferris student musicians to campus for workshops and a concert in conjunction with our music department. This was reciprocated by Hope's Jazz Club traveling to Japan to perform at Ferris in 2010. Official faculty exchanges are being considered.
Meiji Gakuin University (Japan)
Meiji Gakuin University has been a longstanding partner of Hope’s for over 50 years. Our relationship with Japan has been even longer: Our first graduating class in 1879 included two Japanese exchange students (out of a graduating class of six!). If you are a faculty member interested in teaching in Japan for a semester, please contact us at the Center for Global Engagement. This is a fantastic opportunity to teach in a cross-cultural setting, exploring your own research in Japan and working collaboratively with colleagues at MGU. In addition to exchanging faculty, we also regularly exchange students for a semester or year and host students on our campuses.  
Seigakuin University (Japan)
We’re currently working on collaborations in both research and publications between our two programs. The student exchange program is ongoing, and a faculty exchange is being considered.
Technos College (Japan)
We’ve partnered with Technos College for over 20 years to provide another opportunity for our faculty and students to explore Tokyo, Japan. The relationship includes sending two Hope students and a faculty/staff member to participate in the annual International Week in Japan and welcoming their students to campus as they learn more about the English language, sports management and athletics.
Waseda University (Japan)
Since the early 2000s, Hope has welcomed numerous students from Waseda University who have studied on our campus in the fall semester and then moved to Philadelphia to intern and take classes at the Philadelphia Center. In recent years, we have also been fortunate to host several Waseda faculty colleagues who have conducted research and worked collaboratively with several academic departments.
The Autonomous University of Queretaro (Mexico)
UAQ students have taken part in the Hope Summer Research Program and we’re actively increasing collaborative research between our faculties. This is an active program for Hope students choosing semester or May/June term programs and for UAQ students to study at Hope College for a semester or academic year.
Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (Mexico)
Our newest partnership was established in 2016 with UPAEP in Mexico. Boasting impressive engineering and computer sciences programs, as well as opportunity in the arts, humanities and social sciences, UPAEP is an attractive direct enrollment option for Hope students seeking to improve their Spanish and also be fully immersed in Mexican university. There is significant opportunity for faculty collaboration and student exchanges.
Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (the Netherlands)
In 2016, we were excited to sign our first official global partner agreement with a Dutch institution. Hanze University offers a three-week summer school for Hope students with interests in business and economics. In exchange, Hope welcomes a Hanze student every fall semester to our campus to experience college life in the U.S.
Liverpool Hope University (United Kingdom)
Our partnership with LHU is active and thriving! Not only are we exchanging May/June Term programs in a variety of disciplines, we are now also teaching a joint course in the summer that allows LHU and Hope students to learn on both of our campuses about US and UK health care practices and policies. Faculty exchanges and semester long study abroad opportunities have also benefited both of our institutions and allow students the experience of directly enrolling in a college campus.

Student Exchanges

We welcome students from partner institutions to apply for a semester or academic year of study at Hope College. Visit our Student Exchange page to apply and to learn more about how to join us at Hope as an exchange student!

Student Short Term programs

Hope College welcomes students from our global partners to Hope’s campus during the summer and fall for short-term programs, ranging from one to four weeks. From our vibrant student life to the picturesque and welcoming community, our hope is to provide you with a glimpse at American culture and society, and to experience life on an American college campus.

Short Term Program Listing

  • Komoro City Youth (summer)
  • MGU American Studies Seminar (summer)
  • MGU Global Management Seminar (summer)
  • MGU Staff Enhancement Program (summer)
  • Technos College Athletic Training Program (fall)
  • Liverpool Hope Education Seminar (summer)

English Language Acquisition Program (ELAP)

We offer an English language learning program for any of our incoming international or exchange student looking to brush up on their English in an intensive three-week course. Find out more information and apply for the English Language Acquisition Program.

Faculty exchanges and Visiting Scholars

Exchanging ideas with faculty members from around the globe benefits not only your research and teaching process, but the students in your classroom, the institutions you visit and the colleagues with whom you collaborate. We welcome faculty and visiting scholars from a myriad of disciplines to our campus through our global partnerships. Learn more about faculty exchanges and visiting scholars.

What Students Are Saying

“What I see and experience at Hope is just special for me. I'm so thankful for being here. And I really appreciate the people who support me and make my days bright!” 
Naoto Eda, MGU Exchange Student, 2014–15

“At Hope College I learned a lot of stuff, not only from the classroom, but also from the time with all friends and people around me. I loved how friendly people were there. It made my study abroad fulfilled.” 
Kei Sugiyama, MGU Exchange Student, 2009–10