/ Global Health

Degree Programs

Global Health is an interdivisional program composed of credits from several different departments.

Through a rigorous, yet flexible, curriculum plan and a variety of experiential community-based global learning opportunities (e.g., capstone course projects, student-faculty collaborative research, internships and service projects), students will learn to apply knowledge beyond the classroom to address diverse and complex health-related needs of the global community that demand our interdisciplinary efforts.

A major in Global Health consists of 42–44 credits, including 30–32 credits of required coursework and 12 credits in one of four concentration areas.

A minor in Global Health consists of 28 credits of required coursework.

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Major – Concentration Areas


How do we learn to recognize, communicate effectively about and work to alleviate the impact of environmental conditions of our world that are killing millions of people every year? Students will tackle complex issues related to the harmful effects of exposures to pollutants that exist in air, water, soil, food and materials used around the world.

Healthy Communities
How do we foster community resilience and build strong systems that support the health and well-being of all individuals? Students will pursue complex understandings of community-based health needs through direct engagement with those whom we aim to support, especially our most vulnerable, underserved and under-resourced populations and the community partners who carry out their care.
Epidemiology & Biostatistics
How do we control infectious and chronic illness locally and globally and work to eliminate inequalities related to the social determinants of health? Students will learn how to craft compelling research questions, collect and analyze data, and communicate findings in ways that affect global health practice and policy.
Policy & Ethics
How do we conceptualize global health needs and construct health policies as informed by basic human rights, morality, social and political responsibility, and justice? Students will pair philosophical thinking with practical action as they learn to embrace the core values of global health work.

Program Outcomes

Hope College students completing a Global Health degree will:

  • Understand the complex ways that various social determinants of health affect individual and population health worldwide
  • Apply practical, interdisciplinary and culturally appropriate skills in crafting solutions for individual and population health worldwide
  • Analyze personal and social responsibility in caring for individual and population health around the world
  • Apply an interdisciplinary or interprofessional lens to global health experiences within the context of the historic Christian faith