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Merry Christmas

Warm Christmas greetings from Hope College!

At Christmas, we celebrate the moment God himself entered the messiness of earth, providing a path for us to be made new. This gives us HOPE – even on our darkest days.

Christmas is an old holiday. The church has celebrated Christmas for 2000 years! Yet every year, even when I think there’s nothing new to say, I notice or experience something about the season that touches me in a fresh way.

The Scogin Family

This year, I’ve been struck anew by the carol Joy to the World, especially the line “the wonders of His love.” The deep well of God's love, especially when reflecting on the great lengths He took to be God WITH us, is truly a WONDER!

However you and your loved ones are celebrating this season, may old traditions feel new again. May you be filled with joy as you experience the wonders of His love.

From all of us at Hope College: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Matthew A. Scogin
President, Hope College

Christmas Vespers

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