President's House

President's house
Building Information
92 East 10th StreetHolland, MI  49423-3516

Nestled near the heart of the Pine Grove stands the stately 19th century President’s Home, completed in 1892. Ten different presidents have lived in this house.

The President’s Home is not only at the geographical center of Hope’s campus, it's a social and cultural center as well— the heart of the Hope College family.

When the college first opened, Van Vleck Hall included a live-in section for President Rev. Philip Phelps and his family. In 1884 the General Synod of the Reformed Church in Grand Rapids began talks with Hope of building an official on-campus residence.

Though Hope was struggling through economic hardships, the Synod pledged $3,100 to the project. But by 1886, the funds were depleted and the half-completed house was boarded up until its final completion years later.

In 1913, the familiar enclosed front porch was added. Since then small interior design renovations have been conducted. The latest renovation took place in 2013 with the expansion of the large backyard patio and fireplace.

The back patio has since become an iconic venue for students to meet and spend time with the presidential family, allowing strong ties between the student community and the college to grow.