Voorhees Hall

Voorhees residential hall
Building Information
72 East 10th StreetHolland, MI  49423-3516

Voorhees Hall is a co-ed hall that houses 114 students in 53 rooms. It is named after Elizabeth Voorhees, who, with her husband, was a supportive donor in Hope's early history. Originally completed in 1907, Voorhees was the first building to be lighted by electricity and was the first residence for women.

Although the furniture varies in each room, every room is carpeted and includes:

  • Extra-long twin beds that can be bunked (no lofts)
  • A closet with shelves along top
  • Two desks with chairs
  • Dressers
  • Internet available
  • Shared bathrooms with no storage

Voorhees houses a computer lab, laundry room, lounges and a game room with a ping pong table.