Living on campus is an integral part of the Hope College experience.

Our goal is to create residential communities where students can:

  • Flourish to meet their human potential
  • Recognize, embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of all people
  • Foster holistic personal development
  • Actively engage and support Hope’s mission of academic excellence, which is grounded in the historic Christian faith

Through your residential experience, you’ll grow within your community, learn what it means to be a good neighbor in a global society and develop skills to prepare you for independent living post-graduation.  

As you learn, develop and grow in and outside of the classroom, your Hope housing options grow with you. You’ll start off living in highly communal residence halls your first and second years, then move to more independent but college-supported cottages and apartment living during your junior and senior years. Our housing options provide places where you can anchor yourself throughout your college journey.

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