Dr. Roger Veldman

Professor of Engineering
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Roger Veldman joined the faculty at Hope College in 1998. He teaches the engineering design capstone sequence.

Areas of Expertise

Roger is active in research to determine the effects of explosive loading of structures. This work involves both experiments and numerical simulations.


  • Ph.D., mechanical engineering, Western Michigan University, 2001
    Dissertation: Enhancing Commercial Aircraft Explosion Survivability Via Active Venting
  • M.S., engineering (mechanical), Western Michigan University, 1995
  • B.S., engineering science, Hope College, 1989

Honors, Grants and Awards

Roger has received continuous research funding since 2001 for various projects from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Transportation Security Administration, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

He is also a named co-inventor on 51 United States Patents.

Selected Publications & Presentations

  • “Characterization and Modeling of Blast Resistance Behavior of Carbon Composites,” with C.F. Yen and C.C-T. Chen, 35th American Society of Composites Technical Conference, Jersey City, New Jersey, September 2020 
  • “The Effect of Ambient Pressure on Blast Reflected Impulse and Overpressure,” Experimental Techniques, with M.W. Nansteel, C.C.-T. Chen and B.A. Toner, 2017
  • “Impulse Plug Measurements of Blast Reflected Impulse at Close Range,” Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics, 38, with M. W. Nansteel, C. Chen and W. Lawrence, 2013
  • “Response of Pre-Pressurized Reinforced Plates Under Blast Loading,” International Journal of Impact Engineering, with J. Ari-Gur and C. Clum, 35(4), April 2008
  • “Effects of Pre-pressurization on Blast Response of Clamped Aluminum Plates,” International Journal of Impact Engineering, with J. Ari-Gur, C. Clum, A. DeYoung and J. Folkert, 32(10), October 2006
Profile photo of Dr. Roger Veldman
Dr. Roger Veldman

Phone Number616.395.7154

VanderWerf Hall Room 223H 27 Graves Place Holland, MI 49423-3617
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