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Newspaper Collections

The Archives collects newspapers from the 19th and 20th centuries, with a special focus on those published in Holland, Michigan, and newspapers in the Dutch language.

H08-1683.3. Holland Sentinel

Newspaper, 1912–1952

Daily newspapers of the Holland, Michigan, area. The collection includes microfilm of the Holland Sentinel from 1912–1952. Later years are available on microfilm at the Holland Museum archives and Herrick District Library.

H88-0336. Holland City News

Newspaper, 1872–1977

Newspaper published in Holland, Michigan, serving the English-speaking people in Holland, Michigan. Purchased by De Grondwet owner in 1888 with a Republican slant. Microfilm. (Microfilm Cabinet). See our online archive.

H01-1422. Ottawa County Times

Newspaper, 1892–1905

Weekly Democratic newspaper published in Holland, Michigan. Microfilm, 1892–1905 (microfilm cabinet). See our online archive.

H97-1265. Commercial Record

Microfilm, 1868–1995

Also published under the names Saugatuck Commercial (1868–1869, 1901–1902), Lake Shore Commercial (1870–1871, 1881–1901, The Commercial (1871–1880), Saugatuck Commercial Record (1926–1965), and Commercial Record (1902–1926, 1966–1995). See also the online archive.

H97-1250.50. De Hope (The Hope)

1865–1933; bulk, 1888

Amalgamated with the J. Binnekant' s De Verzamelaar (The Collector) in 1865, this weekly religious newspaper published by Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Microfilm 1865–1933. Editors included John H. Karsten (1884–1886) and Christian Vander Veen (1871–1873). (Dutch)

Bound Separately:

  • 1879, 7 Jan. (v.13, no.12) – 1879, 24 Dec. (v.14. no.11)
  • 1880, 28 Jan. (v.14, no.15) – 1880, 29 Dec. (v.15, no.12)
  • 1881, 12 Jan. (v.15, no.13) – 1881, 28 Dec. (v.16, no.11)

H89-0330.4. De Grondwet (The Constitution)

Newspaper, 1871–1938

Founded in 1860 by Jan Roost as publisher and M. Hoogesteger as editor this Republican sympathetic, weekly newspaper was published in Holland, Michigan, and in Chicago, Illinois. Microfilm: 1871–1938. (Dutch) (Microfilm Cabinet). Selected English language translations are also available for 1881 and are located at H03-1516.5.

H89-0331. De Hollander (The Hollander)

Newspaper, 1851–1860, 1866–1895

Originally published in the English and Dutch languages at Allegan, Michigan, by Hawkes & Bassett from September 1850 to 1852 when the weekly was moved to Holland, Michigan, by editor H. Doesburg. It continued as an English and Dutch language newspaper, and De Hollander (The Hollander) until July 1857 when the English language editor, Henry D. Post, left to form an English language-only newspaper, but still under Doesburg’s publishing house. The De Hollander continued in the Dutch language until December 24, 1895. It played an important role in the history of Holland, Michigan, and was, at times, strongly arrayed against the father and founder of the colony, Dr. Albertus C.Van Raalte. Microfilmed: 1850–1857 (incomplete, also includes Sept. 1, 1869); 1857–1860; 1871–1874; 1874–1876; 1876–1880 (also includes Nov. 24, 1885). (Dutch) (Microfilm Cabinet)

H08-1675.1. De Wachter (The Watcher)


Weekly newspaper published in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the Dutch language and eventually English. Microfilm, 1868–1941.

H94-1237. De Wekker/De Paarl/De Verzamelaar (The Collector)

1860–1866 (bound together). 0.50 linear ft.

The De Wekker collection includes March 1860–September 1861 (incomplete). De Paarl was a Dutch Christian Weekly. The collection includes September 26, 1860–August 14, 1861. De Verzamelaar (The Collector) was founded in 1862 by J. Binnekant of Holland, Michigan, and designed to bring before the Dutch people the best religious literature obtainable. Later, this Dutch Christian weekly was amalgamated with De Hope in 1865. Collection includes the issues 2 April, 1862–17 March, 1866.

H05-1598.5. Holland Herald

Magazine, 1971–1982 (incomplete). 1.25 linear ft.

Monthly magazine of the Netherlands. The February 1972, issue of Holland Herald focused on Holland, Michigan, and included images and stories about the Holland area, Hope College and local businesses such as Baker Furniture, Beechnut, Big Dutchman, Heinz, Holland Suco and Thermotron.

Christian Intelligencer (see the Hope College Library Catalog)

Church Herald (see the Hope College Library Catalog)

The Leader: a Christian weekly in the interest of the Reformed Church in America (see the Hope College Library Catalog)

H05-1590.1. Ottawa Register (1857– )

Newspaper, 1857–1861 (incomplete). 1 folder.

English language newspaper published weekly in Holland, Michigan, by Doesburg & Sons. The editor was Henry D. Post. The collection includes photocopies of seven issues dating from 1857–1861 (November 16 & 23, 1857; December 14, 1857; January 11, 1858; January 10, 1860; March 5, 1861; May 14, 1861). The originals to the first two issues are housed at the Library of Congress. The originals to the last five issues listed are housed at the Holland Museum Archives & Research Library. The March 5, 1861, issue was written by Heber Walsh and recounts the early years of Holland in much detail. (Oversized-O)