/ Hope College Archives and Special Collections

Fee Schedules

Archives and Special Collections will make copies of documents and images for researchers upon request.


If the condition of the material allows, Archives staff will make photocopies or digital copies.  

Photocopies on paper $0.15/each
PDF copies $0.10/each
Microfilm copies $0.15/each
High-resolution photo scans $5.00/each
Copies on CD $1.00 with paper sleeve
$2.00 with hard case

Ordering an Image Reproduction

Ordering a photographic reproduction involves two steps. The first is the cost of obtaining the reproduction itself. The second is a charge for using the image. The second charge varies depending on the intended use (personal or commercial).

Step 1: Reproduction Fees

Size Cost
3.5 x 5 $2.65
4 x 6 $2.27
5 x 7 $5.00
8 x 10 $8.00
11 x 14 $13.00
16 x 20 (allow two weeks to process) $32.00
20 x 24 (allow two weeks to process) $42.00
Slides (24 minimum) $2.00/each
Film to Video Contact for Prices
Video to Video Contact for Prices
  • The Archives is not responsible for the grain that may appear on enlargements
  • Prepayment is required on all orders
  • Michigan residents must pay 6% sales tax on photograph reproduction
  • Minimum shipping/handling cost is $3.00

Step 2: Usage Fees

If you wish to use photographic material for scholarly purposes, non-profit publication or museum use: please use the non-commercial fee schedule. If you intend to use photographs in a profit-making publication, even for a non-profit organization, or any other commercial use: please use the commercial fee schedule. If you are a non-profit organization ordering photographic material for non-profit use, include your valid 501(c)(3) number with your order, otherwise you need to use the commercial fee schedule.

No usage fee is charged for reproductions ordered for personal use.

Usage per item Commercial Non-profit/Scholarly
One-time editorial use (book, exhibition catalogue, magazine, documentary film, video, etc.) $20.00 $10.00
One-time non-editorial use (cover, book jacket, record album, etc.) $40.00 $20.00
Special media use (commercial motion picture, television, video, etc.) $40.00 $20.00
Commercial product, advertising, other use Permission is discretionary. Fees are separately negotiable
  1. FEES. Fees are for one-time, non-exclusive use. Re-use of the material in a later edition or in another publication will be considered a new request.
  2. SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS: Applicants may request a waiver or reduction of fees for reproduction of an image in a non-profit or scholarly publication. The request should be submitted in writing and approval is at the discretion of Archives and Special Collections. A scholarly publication is defined as one that reproduces an image for an educational/cultural purpose and is directed to a limited educational/professional audience with, for books, a limited press run of under 3,000 copies.
  3. OTHER CHARGES: In addition to the photographic usage fee, there will be applicable charges for duplication costs and materials. See reproduction fee schedule.

Photo Credits Required

If permission is granted for images to be published, photo credits must appear adjacent to the image using the exact text as supplied with each image. Digital use (i.e. World Wide Web, CD-ROM) images must also include a photo credit and be published on a website at 72 dpi or lower only. Failure to list the photo credit will result in a $100 fine per image.