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Overdue, Lost and Damaged Library Materials

Overdue fines are assessed at the following rates and should be paid at the library with cash or check. Generally students, faculty and staff are not charged overdue fines on physical materials. Guests are charged at the following rates:

Type of Material Fine Rate Maximum Fine
Books $1 per loan period (guests only)  
Reference books $1 per day (guests only) $10 maximum
Videos/DVDs * $1 per day $10 maximum
CDs * $1 per day $10 maximum

* Students, faculty and staff charged if item recalled


Students are charged overdue fines for technology at the following rates:

Type of Material Fine Rate Maximum Fine
Cameras $5 per day $25 maximum
Microphones $5 per day $25 maximum
Laptops, charging cables $1 per hour $25 maximum

Billing for Lost Items

Items that are long overdue will be considered lost and will be billed a minimum per the following:

Type of Material Minimum Billing for Lost Items
Books $65
Videos/DVDs $30
CDs $30
Cameras $100
Laptops $1,300

Returning the billed item in good condition will waive the replacement cost and leave the overdue fine.

  • A billed item will suspend the borrowing privileges beyond $60 for Hope students, and beyond $250 for faculty and staff. Hope students with outstanding overdue fines and replacement bills will have these charges added to their tuition at the end of each semester.
  • Once the item is billed to their account at Business Services, Hope students have until the end of the semester after the item was due to return the item in good condition and receive a refund for the replacement cost (minus the overdue fine). After that, no refunds will be given.*

    * If the lost material is needed prior to the end of the following semester, the library will purchase a replacement and no refund will be given.

  • A guest borrower will have their borrowing privileges suspended whenever any money is owed the library. Guest borrowers must pay all fines and fees at the library.

Hold Fines

If someone has placed a hold on an item you have checked out and you do not return it by the due date, an additional $5 overdue fine will be assessed.

Borrowing privileges are suspended until the recalled item is returned.

Could I lose my borrowing privileges?

Yes, borrowing privileges may be blocked if there are substantial unpaid or unresolved charges on a library user’s record.

If you have any questions regarding circulation or your account, please call us at 395-7905 or come to the Circulation Desk.