The third edition of "American Government:  Essentials and Perspectives," written by a team of Hope College political science professors and alumni, has been published by McGraw-Hill.

          The authors are Hope College professors Robert E.
  Elder Jr., Jack E. Holmes, David K. Ryden and James M.
  Zoetewey, and 1979 Hope College alumnus Michael J.
  Engelhardt, professor of political science at Luther
  College.  The book is used by thousands of American
  government students in the United States and Canada.
          The book focuses on how different political
  perspectives affect the way people view political issues.
  New material in the third edition emphasizes recent changes
  in American government, especially those related to the
  operation of Congress and the roles of groups marginalized
  by the political system.
          Several Hope College students contributed to the
  edition, especially in terms of research and editing.  They
  include:  Jeff Crouch, a 1997 graduate living in Valparaiso,
  Ind.; Beth Darr, a 1997 graduate living in Swansea, Ill.;
  Janet Day, a senior from Holland; Jon DeWitte, a senior from
  Portage; Kevin DeYoung, a junior from Jenison; Eric
  Friedman, a 1997 graduate living in Niles; Amy Grasman, a
  1996 graduate living in Chicago, Ill.; Nathan Hadley, a
  sophomore from Clinton Township; and Angela Hartman, a 1996
  graduate living in Portage.
          Also, Kevin Joldersma, a senior from Hillsdale;
  Michael Krukowski, a 1996 graduate living in Grand Rapids;
  Christine LaBelle, a senior from Sand Lake; Jessica Nelson,
  a junior from Ludington; Aaron Parker, a 1996 graduate
  living in Oak Forest, Ill.; Jennifer Pihlaja, a 1997
  graduate living in Washington, D.C.; Iliana Raikova, a 1996
  graduate living in Hyattsville, Md.; Ntsiki Sisulu, a 1997
  graduate living in Holland; Monika Smith, a senior from
  Haslett; Brittan Strangways, a senior from Jenison; Rochelle
  Tedesco, a 1997 graduate living in Ann Arbor; Jodi Ten
  Harkel, a senior from Jenison; Kremena Todorova, a 1997
  graduate living in Notre Dame, Ind.; Ben Velderman, a junior
  from Zeeland; David Verry, a 1997 graduate living in Grand
  Haven; Greg Vlietstra, a senior from Portage; Jason Young, a
  1997 graduate living in Kalamazoo; and Michael Zolnierowicz,
  a junior from Downers Grove, Ill.