Elliot Tanis, professor of mathematics at Hope College, presented a talk during an international conference in Singapore in June.

          The conference, the Fifth International Conference
  on Teaching of Statistics, ran Sunday-Friday, June 21-26.
  More than 450 statisticians from approximately 40 countries
          The conference featured multiple sessions each day
  for teaching statistics for students from kindergarten-age
  through graduate school, as well as teaching statistics for
  people in the workplace and wider society.  There were also
  sessions on the role of technology in the teaching of
          Tanis spoke on Friday, June 26, presenting "Using
  MAPLE for Instruction in Undergraduate Probability and
  Statistics."  His on-going work with MAPLE, which is a
  computer algebra system, has included using a spring, 1998,
  sabbatical leave to develop new materials for use with it.
          His participation in the conference was supported
  through the Willard C. Wichers Faculty Development Fund at
  the college.