Hope College has enrolled a record number of students this year, topping the previous high by one.

          Hope has 2,920 students this fall.  The previous
  high was 2,919, set during the fall of 1995.  Last year,
  overall enrollment was 2,911.
          The overall total also includes a record-setting
  746 first-time students.  The previous record for first-time
  enrollment was 723, set in the fall of 1997.
          "It's just been very gratifying--not only with our
  freshmen but also with our transfer enrollment, which went
  up very soundly from a year ago," said Dr. James Bekkering,
  who is vice president for admissions at Hope.  "So no matter
  how we look at it, this has been a very strong year."
          "The enrollment speaks volumes about the
  perception of the overall quality of the Hope experience,
  both within and out of the classroom," he said.
          Hope's overall enrollment has topped 2,800 for
  each of the past five years.  The college has set records
  for overall and first-time enrollment three times during the
  past half decade.
          The student body is comprised of 1,160 men and
  1,760 women from 38 states and territories, as well as from
  29 foreign countries.
          Students transferring to Hope from other colleges
  and universities total 81, compared with 54 in 1997.  There
  are 98 students enrolled in off-campus programs, compared to
  88 last year.
          The enrollment by class, with last year's class in
  parentheses, is:  freshmen, 771 (740); sophomores, 713
  (706); juniors, 601 (657); seniors, 691 (656); and special
  students, 144 (152).
          The largest student representation comes from
  Michigan with 2,145 students, followed by:  Illinois, 228;
  Indiana, 66; Ohio, 53; New York, 51; Minnesota, 35; New
  Jersey, 24; Wisconsin, 19; Iowa, 18; and California, 12.
          Foreign countries represented in the student body
  include Belgium, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France,
  Germany, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Mexico,
  Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia,
  South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkey, the
  Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Vietnam and Zambia.
          Hope College was chartered in 1866 and is
  affiliated with the Reformed Church in America (RCA).  The
  college offers courses in 53 majors leading to a Bachelor of
  Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of
  Science in Nursing degree.