Project TEACH, an incentive scholarship program at Hope College geared toward helping minority students become teachers, has chosen a third group of  participating high school students.

          The four new students--Marisol Lemus, Dinah Rios,
  Adam Rodriguez and Pannha Sann--have joined the program
  beginning with the new 1998-99 school year.  They will be
  recognized during a reception in the college's Maas Center
  auditorium on Thursday, Sept. 17, at 7 p.m.
          The public is invited to the reception.  Admission
  is free.
          The third group joins the program while a member
  of the first--Meyly Sew of Holland, who was chosen as a high
  school junior in 1996--begins her college career as a Hope
          Lemus, Rios and Rodriguez are all students at
  Holland High School, and Sann is a student at West Ottawa
  High School.  Lemus is a junior, and Rios, Rodriguez and
  Sann are sophomores.
          "I am excited about the academic strength and
  commitment to teaching that these young people have both
  demonstrated and voiced," said Barbara Albers, director of
  Project TEACH (Teachers Entering a Career Through Hope).
  "They each seem to be committed and thrilled to have the
  opportunity to fulfill their dream at Hope College.  I know
  each will develop into an excellent teacher."
          "I am also very pleased to see Meyly Sew on Hope's
  campus full-time this year," she said.  "She has started
  with a burst of enthusiasm and I know she will continue with
  her usual dedication and commitment.  I look forward to
  Project TEACH's first graduate from Hope College in just
  four short years."
          Lemus is the daughter of Avelino and Maria Lemus
  of Holland, Rios is the daughter of William and Cristina
  Rios of Holland, Rodriguez is the son of Ruben and Renee
  Rodriguez of Holland and Sann is the son of Ill Sann of
  Holland and Song Sann of Holland.
          Project TEACH provides instructional and mentoring
  support for the high schoolers, who begin as sophomores and
  juniors.  The program also provides scholarship aid for the
  participants as Hope students.  The program's goal is to
  help local students while increasing the number of
  minorities who become teachers locally.
          In addition to Sew, the continuing participants in
  Project TEACH are Kristina Kyles, a junior at Holland High
  School; Kristina Martinez, a junior at Holland High School;
  Sonia Soto, a senior at Holland High School; and Dina
  Vathanaphone, a junior at West Ottawa High School.