Two prizes have been awarded to a book published recently by John D. Cox of the Hope College English faculty.

          "A New History of Early English Drama" is a
  collection of 26 original essays, and was published by
  Columbia University Press in 1997.  Cox co-edited the book
  with David Scott Kastan of Columbia University.
          The Association for Theatre in Higher Education
  awarded Cox's book the 1998 prize for the "outstanding
  booklength study in theatre practice and pedagogy."  The
  committee which selected the book was chaired by William
  Worthen, professor of English and theatre at Northwestern
  University.  Cox and Kastan each received a cash prize and a
  commemorative plaque.
          In England, the new Globe Theatre awarded its
  Sohmer-Hall Prize for "the best work published each year on
  the original staging of Shakespearean Plays" to an essay in
  Cox's book.  The selection committee, chaired by Andrew Gurr
  of Reading University in England, honored Peter W.M.
  Blayney's essay, "The Publication of Playbooks."
          Cox and Kastan dedicated the book to David M.
  Bevington, with whom they studied for their doctoral degrees
  at the University of Chicago.  The editorial board that
  planned the book was composed entirely of Bevington's
  doctoral students.  Cox and Kastan convened the editorial
  board, invited submissions to the book, edited them as they
  arrived and found a publisher for the collection.
          Cox is a 1967 graduate of Hope College.  He has
  taught in the department of English since 1979, and is the
  DuMez Endowed Professor of English and director of
  interdisciplinary studies at Hope.