Derek Emerson has been appointed arts coordinator at Hope College.

          Emerson has been a member of the college's student
  development staff since 1985.  He has also been publicity
  director for Hope Summer Repertory Theatre since 1997.  He
  assumed his new responsibilities on Monday, Sept. 6.
          "Derek has a long-standing interest in the arts, a
  superb knowledge of the workings of Hope College, and the
  ability to work well with the faculty, the media, the public
  at large and artists," said Dr. William Reynolds, who is
  dean for the arts and humanities and a professor of English
  at Hope.  "He is a person of integrity who is respected by
  everyone at Hope and who will easily make the transition
  from one area to another."
          The arts coordinator works with the four
  departments in the arts--art, dance, music and theatre -- in
  promoting arts events and seeking outside support for arts
  activities.  The coordinator also directs the college's
  Great Performance Series, works with the annual Musical
  Showcase concert and assists the arts departments with other
  activities.  In addition, Emerson will continue his work
  with Hope Summer Repertory Theatre.
          Emerson was a resident director at Hope from 1985
  to 1989, and taught English and religion at Lake Michigan
  Catholic High School during the 1988-89 school year.  He was
  associate director of residential life and housing at Hope
  from 1989 to 1996, and has been director of housing and
  judicial affairs at the college since 1996.
          He handled all aspects of publicity for Hope
  Summer Repertory Theatre during the past three seasons.  He
  has also worked as a freelance writer since 1994, writing
  for "The Grand Rapids Press" in addition to writing articles
  for a number of other sources.
          Emerson graduated from Hope in 1985 with majors in
  philosophy and religion.  In 1994 he completed a master's
  degree in the professional writing program at Western
  Michigan University, where he is currently pursuing a
  doctorate in English.