The Dance 26 concert at Hope College will feature tap, jazz, modern and ballet works by Hope faculty.

          This year's concert will be presented Thursday
  through Saturday, March 9-11, at the main theatre of the
  DeWitt Center, located on Columbia Avenue at 12th Street.
  Curtain time for all performances will be 8 p.m.
          Linda Graham, associate professor of dance, will
  be presenting two works in this year's concert.  She
  describes her ballet piece, "Imperfect Story," as "a
  recollection of an experience in a family."  The piece is
  set to the music of a solo guitar by Segovia.
          Graham's jazz piece, titled "Red Wolf," is
  performed to an Algerian chant.  She describes the work as
  an "exploration of the wild that lives within."
          "Union Station" is a tap piece choreographed by
  Terri Filips and assisted by Erin Faulk, a senior dance and
  education major from Plain City, Ohio.  The work is set to
  the soundtracks of "Smokey Joe's Café" and "The Blues
  Brothers," with the dancers contemplating a trip while
  tapping on their suitcases and trunks in Union Station.
          Ray Tadio, visiting professor in the fall
  semester, is closing the show with nine dancers in "Tika," a
  modern piece using Horton technique and including many
  images from Tadio's childhood in the Philippines.  "Tika" is
  set to the music of Dead Can Dance.
          Julio Enrique Rivera, visiting assisting professor
  of dance, has choreographed a modern piece titled "Visible
  Whispers.  A lyrical piece set to music by the Rachels,
  "Visible Whispers" also includes letters being read
          "Blackbird," choreographed by Dawn McIlhargey-
  Wigert, adjunct professor of dance, is a jazz piece.  The
  dance shows a new paradigm in someone's life after a tragic
  event, and set to music by the Beatles and Brad Mehlday, a
  classical jazz artist.
          Steven Iannacone, assistant professor of dance,
  choreographed a modern piece that is as-yet untitled and set
  to Igor Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring."  Iannacone
  describes the work as a very primitive piece posing the
  question of "how far have we come from the cave?"
          Hope students involved in Dance 26 are:  junior
  Kelli Berggoetz of Fort Wayne, Ind.; sophomore Robin
  Brintnall of Hudsonville; junior Kelly Buwalda of Granger,
  Ind.; junior Laurie Chalifoux of Fort Wayne, Ind.; freshman
  Noelle Davids of Big Rapids; sophomore Kristin Debbink of
  Appleton, Wis.; freshman Amanda Drozer of Grosse Pointe;
  freshman Mary Dunlap of Saline; senior Erin Faulk of Plain
  City, Ohio; freshman Ruth Flores of Clarendon Hills, Ill.;
  junior Brianne Fry of St. Joseph; sophomore Treasure Givan
  of Corvallis, Ore.
          Also:  junior Anne Houseworth of Alanson; senior
  Angella Huddleston of Romeoville, Ill.; senior Lori Jackson
  of Lake Odessa; senior Stacey Kemerer of Brant; junior Jodi
  Kurtze of Elkhart, Ind.; sophomore Angela Lee of Muskegon;
  senior Phil Leete of Vienna, Va.junior Christine Lutz of
  Rochester, N.Y.; freshman Krista McDonald of Roscommon;
  freshman Helen Meronek of Lapeer; junior Rachel Miller of
  Sioux City, Iowa; sophomore Emily Moellman of LaGrange,
  Ill.; senior Dan Patterson of Holland.
          And:  junior Hilary Peterson of Jacksonville,
  Ill.; junior Emily Poel of Grand Rapids; sophomore Kristin
  Sabol of Walton Hills, Ohio; sophomore Matthew Stehle of
  Pittsburgh, Pa.; junior Danny Taylor of Story City, Iowa;
  sophomore Charlotte van Coevorden of Brussels, Belgium;
  junior Amy Vertalka of Grand Ledge; sophomore Amy Woolard of
  Muncie, Ind.; and sophomore Jennifer Yoh of Wooster, Ohio.
          Maxine DeBryun and Linda Graham are the concert's
  coordinators.  Erik Alberg is the technical director, and
  Cindy Alberg is the stage manager.  Costumes are designed by
  Ann C. de Velder.  Lighting designer is Kevin Oberfeld.
          Tickets for Dance 26 are available from the
  theatre lobby ticket office located in the DeWitt Center,
  and cost is $6 for regular admission, and $4 for senior
  citizens, Hope faculty and staff and students.  The ticket
  office is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
  and on Saturday from noon to 5 p.m., and may be called at
  (616) 395-7890.