The Hope College Visiting Writers Series will feature readings by Conrad Hilberry, Arnie Sabatelli and Sue William Silverman on Saturday, April 8, at 7 p.m. in the Maas Center.

          The public is invited.  Admission is free.
          Hilberry is the author of several volumes of
  poetry.  His book "Sorting the Smoke:  New and Selected
  Poems" (University of Iowa Press) received the Iowa Prize in
  1990.  He recently published "Player Piano" (LSU Press), and
  is awaiting the 2000 release of the anthology "New Poems
  from the Third Coast:  Contemporary Michigan Poetry," which
  he edited with Michael Delp and Josie Kerns.
          He lives in Kalamazoo, and taught at Kalamazoo
  College for 36 years.
          Sabatelli writes fiction and nonfiction.  His work
  has appeared in a wide range of publications, including
  "Ploughshares," "The Mississippi Review," "Other Voices,"
  "North Dakota Quarterly" and "American Baby."  He is working
  on a second collection of essays on fly-fishing as well as
  essays based on the joys and wonders of fatherhood.
          He is a visiting professor of communications at
  Grand Valley State University.
          Silverman won the 1996 Associated Writing Programs
  Award Series in Creative Nonfiction for her memoir "Because
  I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You" (University of
  Georgia Press).  She is a professional speaker on the
  subjects of incest and child abuse.
          She is the associate editor of "Fourth Genre:
  Explorations in Nonfiction."
          The reading will cap a full day on campus for
  Hilberry, Sabatelli and Silverman.  They will also be
  serving as mentors during a writing workshop for Hope
          The Maas Center is located on Columbia Avenue at
  11th Street.  Books by the authors are available in the
  college's Hope-Geneva Bookstore and at area book sellers.
          The Visiting Writers Series will conclude its
  1999-2000 season with a reading on Monday, April 17, by
  Susan Atefat Peckham and Luis Rodriguez.