An acclaimed book about Argentine
author Jorge Luis Borges that includes insights from Dr. Ion
Agheana of the Hope College Spanish faculty has been re-
issued in a second edition.

The first edition of "Conversaciones sobre Borges"
("Conversations about Borges"), released in December of
1995, went through two printings. In conjunction with its
1995 publication, the book received extensive media
attention in both Spain and Argentina. As one of seven
Borges scholars featured in the book, Agheana was
interviewed on Radio Nacional of Buenos Aires and met
Borges' widow.

Borges, who died in 1986 at age 86, was an
essayist, poet and short story writer. His work has been
translated into several languages and is studied at colleges
and universities throughout the world.

Written in Spanish and published by Destino
Publishing House of Barcelona, Spain, "Conversations about
Borges" discusses the author's work, seeking to make it more
accessible without oversimplifying it, according to Agheana.

Agheana, whose section fills more than half of the
393-page book, has studied Borges' work for 30 years. He
was a student of the famous writer while in graduate school
at Harvard University. His previous Borges scholarship
includes two other books, most recently "Reasoned Thematic
Dictionary of the Prose of Jorge Luis Borges," published in