Dr. John Shaughnessy of the Hope College psychology faculty has co-authored a new textbook, "Essentials of Research Methods in Psychology."

He wrote the text with Gene Zechmeister and Jeanne
Zechmeister, both of whom are members of the psychology
faculty at Loyola University in Chicago, Ill. The book was
published in October by McGraw-Hill Inc. of New York, N.Y.

"Essentials of Research Methods in Psychology" is
based on another book by the same authors, "Research Methods
in Psychology." McGraw-Hill published the fifth edition of
"Research Methods in Psychology" in August of 1999.

The new book is intended for instructors who seek
a briefer introduction to research methods. The book uses a
"case approach" by highlighting one actual research study in
each chapter, and includes interviews with the researchers
who have conducted the studies that are highlighted.

"Exploring the researchers' points of view allows
students to take a behind the scenes look at the process of
doing research," Shaughnessy said. "An abiding goal of
'Essentials' and its 'parent book' is to help students think
critically about implementing and interpreting research."

Shaughnessy and the Zechmeisters are also the co-
authors of an Instructor's Manual designed to accompany
"Research Methods in Psychology." In addition, Shaughnessy
is the co-author of another book, "Experimentation in
Psychology," which he wrote with Benton J. Underwood, in
addition to having written or co-written numerous articles
published in scholarly journals.

Shaughnessy, a professor of psychology, has been a
member of the Hope faculty since 1975. In April of 1992,
Hope's graduating seniors selected him as the college's
"Hope Outstanding Professor Educator." He delivered the
college's Opening Convocation address in the fall of 1992,
and Hope's Commencement address in May of 1996.