The annual Summer Seminars at Hope College will feature topics including creative writing, the World Wide Web and classroom management.

The seminars will run Monday-Friday, July 30-Aug. 3. This year's five courses are "Creative Writing: Forms in Fiction," "Creating Web Pages from Scratch: A Beginner's Guide," "Plot in Contemporary Popular Narrative," "Classroom and Behavior Management for Secondary Teachers" and "Creative Writing: Mosaic Memoir."

The seminars will meet concurrently from 9 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. in the air-conditioned Van Zoeren Hall on the Hope campus. Refreshments will be provided during mid-morning breaks.

All of the courses are available for undergraduate credit, and most are available for graduate credit or on an audit basis, depending on the needs of the enrollee. Class sizes are limited to 15 students per course.

"Creative Writing: Forms in Fiction" will examine stories and novel excerpts that follow a variety of forms, including the frame, round and epistolary, as well forms such as flash fiction and narratives that parody non- literary texts. Students will also craft works of their own. The course will be taught by Carla Vissers, a part- time member of the English faculty.

"Creating Web Pages from Scratch: A Beginner's Guide" will present the basics of HTML, the design language used in creating web pages, and explore a variety of aspects of web design. The course is intended for individuals with little or no experience in creating web pages, but does assume basic computer skills. The course will be taught by Mark Christel, who is a humanities reference librarian with the rank of associate professor, and Anthony Guardado, who is a reference librarian with the rank of assistant professor.

"Plot in Contemporary Popular Narrative" will consider plotting through analysis of several contemporary narratives, including the film "Star Wars," as well as the development of characters in the context of plot.  Participants will engage in related literary criticism or creative writing. The course will be taught by Elizabeth A. Trembley, visiting associate professor of English.

"Classroom and Behavior Management for Secondary Teachers" will examine classroom organization, establishment of class routines and behaviors, and dealing with inappropriate student behaviors. The seminar is intended for preservice and beginning inservice teachers as well as experienced teachers interested in a refresher. The course will be taught by Jeanine M. Dell'Olio, associate professor of education.

"Creative Writing: Mosaic Memoir" will combine the reading of published mosaic or "collage" memoirs with discussion, in-class directed journal writing and small-group response. Participants will be guided in beginning their own open-ended collection of crafted memories. The course will be taught by David James, adjunct associate professor of English and director of the writing center.

Enrollment for each seminar costs $173 for those who wish to audit, $274 for one hour of undergraduate credit or graduate credit, and $548 for two hours of undergraduate credit. Pre-registration is advised, although final registration will be on Monday, July 30, from 8:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. in Van Zoeren Hall.

Those interested in attending a seminar should call the Hope College Registrar's Office at (616) 395-7760.