Brooks/Cole Publishing, an imprint of International Thomson Learning, has announced the publication of the second edition of "Concepts in Biochemistry," by Dr. Rodney Boyer, who is the Drs. Edward and Elizabeth Hofma Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Hope College.

The textbook, which was first published in 1999, is written for students enrolled in one-semester biochemistry courses. Most students in these classes are preparing for health-science careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, bioengineering, nutrition, or environmental science.

In the new book, Boyer places a special and modern focus on the nucleic acids, DNA and RNA. According to Boyer, modern research in biochemistry is now emphasizing the roles of the nucleic acids. More traditional books tend to focus on proteins and amino acids.

Accompanying the book is a newly designed CD-ROM- Website, "Interactive Concepts in Biochemistry," which contains 55 multimedia modules in the categories of Animations, Concept Review, Cutting Edge Biochemistry, and Structural Tutorials. These modules are coordinated with chapters in the book and enhance student understanding of all concepts. Another new feature includes the addition of 40 "Windows on Biochemistry," boxes that present a special focus on biochemical applications to everyday life.

Boyer, who retired at the end of the 1999-2000 academic year, joined the Hope College chemistry faculty in 1974. During his 26 years at the college, he directed the research of more than 70 undergraduate students, published more than 40 research papers, and wrote five biochemistry textbooks, including three editions of "Modern Experimental Biochemistry." His research interests include the metabolism of iron and reactive forms of RNA.

Boyer lives with his wife, Christel, in Bozeman, Mont.