The three striking automobile- and 50s- motif acrylic paintings installed in the DeWitt Center in early October are student work by David Chapple, a 1991 Hope graduate.

One of the works hangs in the upper part of the stairwell that runs from near mail room on the building's main floor to near the Hope-Geneva Bookstore on the ground level. The other two are in the Kletz on the ground level: one in the main dining area, and the other in the television/lounge area in the southwest corner.

The three paintings have actually been re- installed. They were all originally placed in the Kletz during the 1990-91 school year, as part of a redecoration of the space, but were removed and placed in storage in 1998 during a subsequent renovation.

An art major, Chapple now lives in Grand Blanc, Mich., and is a self-employed artist and owner of "Automobile Art." He exhibits throughout the United States, including recently in New York City and Las Vegas, and had pieces in the college's juried 1994 and 1999 Alumni Exhibitions. His work can be viewed on-line at: