The Vienna Boys Choir concert taking place at Hope College on Thursday, Oct. 25, is sold out.

The choir will be performing in Dimnent Memorial Chapel through the college's Great Performance Series.

The Vienna Boys Choir was commissioned in 1498 by Emperor Maximilian I.  During the last five centuries, the Vienna Boys Choir has performed with notable artists including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Salieri, and Anton Bruckner.  Composers Jacobus Gallus and Franz Schubert were members of the group in their boyhood. Since beginning American tours in 1938, the Vienna Boys Choir has given more than 1,000 performances.

"The Vienna Boys Choir have definitely reconquered their reputation as an artistic institution of the highest order," said "Die Presse" of Vienna.

The group performs an eclectic program including everything from Viennese waltzes and polkas to works of the classical and baroque periods.

The choir has recorded several award-winning albums and contributed to multiple soundtracks. These boys are not made entirely of music; they also attend their own school in the Augartenpalais, a baroque palace in Vienna. They work around the clock to maintain their reputation for good discipline as well as fine musicianship.

Dimnent Memorial Chapel is located on College Avenue at 12th Street.