Seven Hope College students have received Dean's Science Division Research Awards from the college.

Seven Hope College students have received Dean's Science Division Research Awards from the college.

The students who have been honored are Jessalyn Bolkema, Terra R. Fox, Jeff Largent, Courtney Long, Eric Lunderberg, Peter Van Heest and Valerie J. Winton.

Presented by the division of natural and applied sciences, the awards provide stipends for summer research at the college.  A recipient has been named for each department within the division.

Considerations for the $3,800 awards include interest in science, promise of research and scientific accomplishment, academic standing and departmental endorsement.  The recipients are also eligible for a subsidy for summer housing on campus.

The seven competitively selected recipients will be among approximately 180 students who will be conducting research at the college this summer supported from endowed funds at the college as well as through external grants received by Hope as well as individual members of the faculty.

° Bolkema is a sophomore originally from Flushing and now from Dublin, Ohio, and conducting research in mathematics.  She is working with Dr. Aaron Cinzori, associate professor of mathematics, on the research project "Three Dimensional Geometric Spirals."

° Fox is a junior from Rochester Hills, and conducting research in engineering.  She is working with Dr. Jeff Brown, assistant professor of engineering, on the research project "Analysis of FRP Composites."

° Largent is a junior from Minneapolis, Minn., and conducting research in computer science.  He is working with Dr. Charles Cusack, assistant professor of computer science, on the research project "Crowdsourcing with Online Games."

° Long is a sophomore from Canton and conducting research in biology.  She is working with Dr. Greg Murray, professor of biology, and Dr. Kathy Winnett-Murray, professor of biology, on the research project "Seed Banks, Seed Dispersal and Forest Dynamics."

° Lunderberg is a sophomore from Grandville and conducting research in physics.  He is working with Dr. Paul DeYoung, who is the Kenneth G. Herrick Professor of Physics, on the research project "Measuring break-up energies of unstable 11Li and 12Li nuclei."

° Van Heest is a senior from Annapolis, Md., and conducting research in the geological and environmental sciences.  He is working with Dr. Aranzazu Pinan-Llamas, assistant professor of geological and environmental sciences, on the research project "Structural Study of Sierra del Nogalito, TucumanProvince, NW Argentina."

° Winton is a junior from Lake Bluff, Ill., and conducting research in chemistry.  She is working with Dr. Jeff Johnson, assistant professor of chemistry, on the research project "The mechanistic investigation of transition metal-catalyzed carbon-carbon single bond activation."