This incident has struck a nerve in all of us. The character of Hope College, its students, faculty and alumni have been attacked by this act.
President James E. Bultman

On Wednesday, January 26, Hope College officials became aware of the posting of a racist flyer on a bulletin board in one of its residence halls.

The campus community (students, faculty and staff) was notified of this shameful behavior by President Bultman.

Members of the administration joined faculty and student leaders in immediately condemning this act, calling for the campus community to standup against racism of any kind. They met with student groups on Wednesday evening and are continuing those discussions.

On Thursday morning President Bultman, in a second communication to the campus community, reported that significant progress had been made in identifying the circumstances that led to this posting.

While the college is unable to share details at this time because of student privacy issues, President Bultman assured the campus that the appropriate steps were being taken to resolve this matter through the college's judicial system.

President Bultman said that the college in the coming days will continue to engage the campus community in discussing the climate for racial inclusivity on the Hope College campus.