The Jazz Arts Collective, Mainstream Ensemble and Contemporary Ensemble of Hope College will perform on Wednesday, Feb. 9, at 7:30 p.m. in Dimnent Memorial Chapel.

The public is invited.  Admission is free.

The works on the program will include selections written by Hope students who will be performing as members of the groups.

"There are five original compositions by four jazz studies students," said Dr. Brian Coyle, professor of music and director of jazz studies area.  "The jazz area encourages young composers to create their art and perform their original works."

The Contemporary Ensemble will begin the concert by performing "Funk the World," by senior Caleb Murray of Half Moon Bay, Calif.; "Hazy Window," by sophomore Michael Reynolds of Tampa, Fla.; and "The Dirt," by Caleb Murray. The Contemporary Ensemble is coached by Brian Coyle and includes performers Caleb Murray, tenor saxophone; Michael Reynolds, piano; freshman Jared DeMeester of Grand Rapids, bass; and sophomore David Webster of Troy, drums.

The Mainstream Ensemble will then be performing "Turn," by Kurt Rosenwinkel; "Winter," by senior Larry Figueroa of Holland; and "Ikebukuro," by senior Nate Roberts of West Milton, Pa. The Mainstream Ensemble is coached by faculty member Dr. Rob Hodson, and the performers include: Nate Roberts, guitar; Larry Figueroa, piano; junior Zach Pedigo of Chippewa Falls, bass; and sophomore Wayne Titus of Canton, drums.

The Contemporary Ensemble and the Mainstream Ensemble are both jazz chamber ensembles that afford students the opportunity to perform in the classic small-group combo setting. The ensembles vary in size and instrumentation and place a creative focus on improvisation and group communication. All of the ensembles perform works from the classic jazz repertoire. The more advanced jazz chamber ensembles also perform repertoire from the contemporary jazz world. The ensembles also place an emphasis on original student and faculty compositions. All ensembles are coached by members of the Hope College jazz faculty. The jazz chamber ensembles are open to anyone interested, regardless of experience with jazz.

The Jazz Arts Collective will close the concert by performing "Be Bop," by Dizzy Gillespie; "Angel's Landing," by Alan Ferber; "Dog Year," by Justin Morell; "North Rampart," by Alan Ferber; and "Lucky's Number," by Alan Ferber. The Jazz Arts Collective is directed by Brian Coyle, and the performers include: Caleb Murray, alto saxophone/woodwinds; Zach Pedigo, tenor saxophone/woodwinds; sophomore Kin Fong of Northbrook, Ill., baritone saxophone/woodwinds; freshman Gary Cooper of Okemos, trumpet; junior Jeff Sweers of Jenison, trombone; sophomore Luke Panning of Holland, violin; Larry Figueroa, piano; Mike Reynolds, keyboards/various; Nate Roberts, guitar; Jared DeMeester, bass; freshman Blake Daugherty of Muskegon, drums; and Wayne Titus, drums.

The Hope College Jazz Arts Collective is the premier large jazz ensemble at Hope College. The Collective places a creative focus on ensemble communication and improvisation. Comprised of a rhythm section and flexible wind instrumentation, the select group performs compositions and arrangements from across the full spectrum of music.

Dimnent Memorial Chapel is located at 277 College Ave., on College Avenue at 12th Street.