The United States Professional Tennis Association has announced honors for several of its top teachers, coaches, players and volunteers, including Jorge Capestany, manager of the DeWitt Tennis Center at Hope College, who has been inducted to the 2012 Hall of Fame for the Midwest division.

Capestany is a 5-time USPTA Michigan Pro of the Year and 2-time Midwest Pro of the Year.  Jorge has been published in several industry publications and has been a frequent speaker at the PTR International Symposium, the USPTA World Conference on tennis, the USTA Tennis Teachers Workshop in New York and many other conventions. In his 30 years in the industry, he has created and directed lesson programs that have generated over one million dollars in revenue a year.

As a coach, Capestany has developed many nationally ranked juniors including three national champions. In his career, his lesson programs have developed more than 180 HS state Champions in Michigan.

An internationally recognized speaker, Capestany traveled to Shanghai China to train several Chinese tennis professional and coaches. His speaking requests number more than 50 per year and he tries to keep it to only 15 events per year.

Capestany has consulted many clubs and professionals on improving their tennis programs with innovative ideas that generate new interest in tennis. In 1998 he authored the booklet entitled Strategy – How to beat every style of player. His second book titled Mental Toughness – workbook for tennis was released in 2008.

Capestany also serves as an Elite Speaker on the Cardio Tennis Speakers team for the TIA and visits many locations in the US to help with the roll out of the new Cardio Tennis program. He also is a member of the Wilson speaker’s team and travels to many conferences educating coaches all over the world.

Capestany is well-known for developing the website – – which is a video based website with more than 800 videos of tennis drills and tips. The site has become very popular with tennis teaching professionals and coaches and has subscribers in more than 20 countries.

Capestany is married to wife Martha Capestany, who is also a 25 year member of the USPTA and teaches tennis at the Dewitt Tennis Center with her husband. Their daughter, Carli Capestany, is a 2-time qualifier for the Midwest Closed Championship in USTA play and a freshman at Hope College in Holland, MI.

The induction ceremony into the USPTA Midwest Hall of Fame will take place in August of 2012, at the Western & Southern Masters tennis tournament in Cincinnati Ohio. The exact dates and times are still TBD.

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