Word has been received of the death on Wednesday, Oct. 31, of Alice Brower Hoffs at the age of 110.

Mrs. Hoffs was born February 25, 1902. A native of Hamilton, Mich., she graduated from Hope College in 1923. At the time of her 110th birthday it was noted that she was one of only 70 confirmed "supercentenarians" in the entire world.

She was a charter member of the Sibyline sorority. She majored in English and music at Hope and subsequently taught in Wayland, Mich. before moving with her husband Marinus, Hope Class of 1924, to Lake Odessa. She was a resident of Friendship Village in Kalamazoo since 1976.

A graveside service for Hoffs is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 2, at Lakeside Cemetery in Lake Odessa. A memorial service is planned for Nov. 18 at Friendship Village in Kalamazoo.