Hope College Theatre is presenting “Urinetown,” a musical satire about corporate greed, revolution, and the privilege to use the restroom thru Saturday.

The production is being presented in the DeWitt Center main theatre with performances as follows:  Friday, 8 p.m.; and Saturday, 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The musical is directed by Rich Perez, assistant professor of theatre and managing director of Hope Summer Repertory Theatre.

“Urinetown” takes audience members to a dystopian future where a water shortage has prompted corrupt city officials to privatize bathrooms, forcing people to pay to use the restrooms.  Fed-up citizens protest, but those caught breaking the law are carted off to the mysterious and much-feared Urinetown, never to be seen or heard of again.

According to Perez, while the production includes wonderful music and charming dance numbers, it is also a modern-day parable about materialism and power. “At its most light and satirical, it’s an entertaining musical about corporate greed and how it has manifested itself in our society,” Perez said.  “It says something about where we’ve come as a culture and as a country, but it addresses those issues in a fun and light way that makes for an enjoyable evening.”

The production team for “Urinetown” includes musical director Ingrid Lestrud, visiting director of orchestras; choreographer Angie Yetzke, assistant professor of dance; scenic and properties designer David Barber of New York City; lighting and sound designer Perry Landes, associate professor of theatre; and costume designer senior Mary Elizabeth Winther of Canton.  Michelle Bombe, professor of theatre, is the costume design mentor.  The stage manager for the production is senior Jacqueline Marschke of Glenview, Illinois.  Assistant stage managers include freshman Nathan Gingrich of Potsdam, New York; junior Aaron McEachran of Golden, Colorado; and junior Sarah Merrill of Zeeland.

The cast includes junior Kira Alsum of Grand Rapids; junior Emilie Bickel of Denver, Colorado; junior Ellie Campbell of Barrington, Illinois; junior Kenny Cole of Jenison; freshman Mikayla Contreras of Colorado Springs, Colorado; senior Jared Duimstra of Appleton, Wisconsin; freshman Savannah Dynkowski of Clinton Township; senior Rebecca Flinker of Leeds, Massachusetts; sophomore Connor Hernandez of Glen Ellyn, Illinois; freshman Alexander Johnson of Plymouth; senior Taylor Ann Krahn of Mishawaka, Indiana; sophomore Zach Makowski of Allen Park; sophomore Jake Mate of Jenison; senior Mary Bridget McCarthy of Grand Haven; junior Sarah McClure of Delafield, Wisconsin; junior Mollie Murk of Crystal Lake, IL; junior Cameron Pratt of Zeeland; sophomore Laura Schmidt of Muncie, Indiana; freshman Elizabeth Schonfeld of Oxford; senior Allison Simmons of North Street; freshman Akia Smith of Grand Rapids; senior Jori Sportel of Kalamazoo; junior Ezra Sprik of Grand Rapids; senior Emily Svendson of Crystal Lake, Illinois; sophomore Max Tustin of Plainwell; freshman Spencer Westley of Kalamazoo; sophomore Elijah J. Yang of Eugene, Oregon; and junior Theo Zucker of Lake Orion.

Tickets are $10 for regular admission, $7 for senior citizens, Hope faculty and staff, and $5 for students, and are available at the Events and Conferences Office located downtown in the Anderson-Werkman Financial Center (100 E. Eighth St.).  The office is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can be called at (616) 395-7890.  Patrons may purchase tickets in person, online at hope.edu/tickets, or by calling the ticket office.

The DeWitt Center is located at 141 E. 12th St., facing Columbia Avenue at 12th Street.