The Department of Chemistry will be hosting participants from 14 colleges and universities and five industry partners during its 2nd Biennial Schaap Chemistry Symposium, which will be held on Thursday and Friday, July 11 and 12.

The program will highlight collaborative faculty-student research at Hope as well as at several of the other institutions.  The public is invited to visit the event’s research-poster display throughout both days, and to attend its two keynote addresses.

Featuring the students’ research, the posters will be available for viewing from 10 a.m. on July 11 until 3 p.m. on July 12 in Ballrooms I and II in the Haworth Inn and Conference Center.  The student researchers will be present with their posters on July 12 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

The two keynote addresses will both be delivered on July 11 by Dr. Rigoberto Hernandez, who is the Gompf Family Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the Johns Hopkins University and the director of the Open Chemistry Collaborative in Diversity Equity (OXIDE).  He will present “Benign by Design from the Nanoscale to the Human Scale” at 10 a.m., and “Advancing Chemistry through Diversity” at 8 p.m., both in Ballroom III in the Haworth Inn and Conference Center.

Additional activities for the registered symposium participants will include research talks by students; and sessions on careers in industry or teaching at undergraduate institutions, graduate school, and equity and inclusion.

In addition to Hope, the schools with students making presentations include Baylor University; Michigan State University; Northeastern University; the University of Illinois at Chicago; the University of Illinois-Urbana; the University of Michigan; the University of Nevada, Reno; the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; the University of Notre Dame; the University of Rochester; Washington University; and Wayne State University.  Faculty from Baylor University Chicago State University, Ferris State University and Grand Valley State University will participate on various panels of the symposium.

The Haworth Inn and Conference Center is located at 225 College Avenue, between Ninth and 10th streets.  More information about the symposium can be found online.