Hope College staff members were recognized during the college’s annual service award luncheon, held on Friday, Jan. 18, at the Haworth Inn and Conference Center.


40 years
Gary Camp (Admissions)
35 years

Fonda Green (Children’s After School Achievement [CASA] program)

30 years

Bradley Bouwkamp (Computing and Information Technology)
Carol De Jong (Registrar’s Office)
Georgia de Haan (Admissions)
Carl Heideman (Computing and Information Technology)
Robert Hunt (Physical Plant)
Kelly Jacobsma (Van Wylen Library)
Greg Olgers (Public Affairs and Marketing)
Gordon VanderYacht (Department of Kinesiology)
Mary VanKlompenberg (Physical Plant) 

25 years

Carol Fritz (Admissions)
Kathy Lundy (Physical Plant)
Lori Trethewey (Joint Archives of Holland)
Lela Wilson (Physical Plant)
Loi Kham Xayasane (Physical Plant)

20 years

Linnay Aalderink (Physical Plant)
Dale Bronsink (Physical Plant)
Tamela Clendening (Physical Plant)
Laura Ebels (Admissions)
Mollie Galioto (Admissions)
Diana Morgan (Physical Plant)
Jeffery Pestun (Computing and Information Technology)
Scott Plaster (Physical Plant)
Jody Sheldon (Counseling and Psychological Services)
Kristine Solomon (Business Services)

15 years

Shelly Arnold (Center for Ministry Studies)
Matthew Bradley (DeWitt Tennis Center)
Jorge Capestany (DeWitt Tennis Center)
Michael Culver (Physical Plant)
David Daugherty (Department of Physics and Engineering)
Jason Geurink (Campus Safety)
Vanessa Greene (Center for Diversity and Inclusion)
Chris Mulder (Transportation)
Nathaniel Price (DeWitt Tennis Center)
Mary Remenschneider (President’s Office)
Michael Ricketts (Department of Kinesiology)
Alison Schantz (Residential Life)
Barbara Werley (Admissions)
Michael Wilson (Campus Safety)

10 years

Robert Bonczyk (Transportation)
Anna Bonnema (Fostering A Community of Excellence in Science [FACES])
Enrique Calanchi (Physical Plant)
Thomas Dunkelberger (Transportation)
Donna Essenburg (Physical Plant)
Brian Groenhof (Transportation)
Marc Hulst (Physical Plant)
Sherman LaBarge (Physical Plant)
Lynn Roelofs (DeWitt Tennis Center)
Daniel Smith (Transportation)
Rhonda VanDussen (Physical Plant)

5 years

Alan Babbitt (Public Affairs and Marketing)
Yadira Bautista (Upward Bound)
Craig Bosman (Transportation)
Samantha Bruin (Public Affairs and Marketing)
Elisabeth Bussies (Admissions)
Deborah Coyle (Registrar’s Office)
Peter Folkert (Development and Alumni Engagement)
Leo Herzog (Computing and Information Technology)
Milly Hudgins (Frost Research Center)
Barbara Johnson (Bookstore)
Eugene Kim (Computing and Information Technology)
Patricia Kragt (Department of Nursing)
Connie Kuper (Health Center)
Jasmine Lowell (Fried Center for Global Engagement)
Charles Mason (Kruizenga Art Museum)
Christine McCall (Residential Life)
Kate Ralston (Development and Alumni Engagement)
Sean Reilly (Physical Plant)
Donald Riebe (Transportation)
Lori Schneider (Department of Education)
Nancy Smith (Campus Ministries)
Janice Sommerville (President’s Office)
Robert Speelman (Physical Plant)
Lynn VanderVeen (Campus Safety)
Jose Velazquez Castellanos (Department of Communication)
Margo Walters (Center for Diversity and Inclusion)
Ryan White (Registrar’s Office)
Markus Wunder (Department of Chemistry)
Daniel Yonker (Computing and Information Technology)