Hope College staff members were honored for service anniversaries during a reception on Thursday, Nov. 2, at the Maas Center.

The event celebrates five-year service anniversaries starting at the fifth year.  This year’s service anniversaries ranged from five to 50 years:

50 Years

Mark Cook, Business Services

35 Years

Brad Bouwkamp, Computing and Information Technology

Carol De Jong, Registrar’s Office

Carl Heideman, Computing and Information Technology

Bob Hunt, Physical Plant

Greg Olgers, Public Affairs and Marketing

30 Years

Carol Fritz, Admissions

25 Years

Linnay Aalderink, Physical Plant 

Dale Bronsink, Physical Plant

Laura Ebels, Admissions

Jeff Pestun, Computing and Information Technology

Scott Plaster, Physical Plant

Jody Sheldon, Counseling and Psychological Services

20 Years

Shelly Arnold, Center for Ministry Studies

Mike Culver, Physical Plant

David Daugherty, Physics

Joe Dombrowski, Physical Plant

Chris Mulder, Transportation

Mary Remenschneider, Philanthropy and Engagement 

Barb Werley, Admissions

15 Years

Robert Bonczyk, Transportation

Thomas Dunkelberger, Transportation 

Donna Essenburg, Physical Plant

Brian Groenhof, Transportation

Marc Hulst, Physical Plant

Lynn Roelofs, DeWitt Tennis Center

Dan Smith, Transportation

10 Years

Alan Babbitt, Public Affairs and Marketing

Yadira Bautista, Hope College TRIO Upward Bound

Samantha Bruin, Public Affairs and Marketing

Lisa Bussies, Admissions

Peter Folkert, Computing and Information Technology

Leo Herzog, Computing and Information Technology

Patricia Kragt, Nursing

Jasmine Lowell, Center for Global Engagement

Charles Mason, Kruizenga Art Museum

Kate Ralston, Philanthropy and Engagement

Sean Reilly, Physical Plant

Lori Schneider, Education

Sally Swets, DeWitt Tennis Center

Lynn VanderVeen, Campus Safety 

Freddy Velazquez Castellanos, Communication/Public Affairs and Marketing

Margo Walters, Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Ryan White, Boerigter Center for Career and Calling

Dan Yonker, Computing and Information Technology

5 Years

Matt Adkins, Economics and Business

Cameron Butler, Business Services

Erik Byl, Kinesiology

Anne Carrigan, Kinesiology

Shonn Colbrunn, Boerigter Center for Calling and Career

Daniel Cross, Physical Plant

Nicole Dangremond, Registrar’s Office

Michelle Gibbs, Sustainability

Peggy Gorno, Admissions

Stacey Headley, Student Development

Natalie Huisman, Biology

Chris Kooiker, Economics and Business

Daniel Kroeze, DeWitt Tennis Center

Jay Liu, Computing and Information Technology

Cara Maat, Computing and Information Technology

Pedro Martinez, Admissions

Jill Nelson, Campus Ministries

Marv Potter, Transportation

Amanda Root, Philanthropy and Engagement

Jennifer Ryden, Campus Ministries

Aaron Schantz, Counseling and Psychological Services

Joel Serna, Campus Safety

Beth Snyder, Center for Ministry Studies

Mandy Zawila, Bookstore