Hope College News

2018 Jul

  1. A Thai cave, an extraordinary tale and a captivated world

    Associated Press

    “We really needed something to cheer for right now. We needed some positivity. We needed a good headline that could carry the day,” says Daryl Van Tongeren, associate professor of psychology, who studies how humans build meaning in their lives.

  2. Academics

    Lindsey Root Luna Elected to Psi Chi Board of Directors

    Dr. Lindsey Root Luna of the Hope College psychology faculty has been elected vice president of the Midwestern Region of Psi Chi – The International Honor Society in Psychology, a role that also includes serving on the society’s board of directors.

2018 Jun

  1. Does tech make life better but society worse?


    We’re incredibly dependent on technology today. And the fact is, we don’t intend to cut off our dependency. This article ends with words of wisdom from Dr. David Myers, professor of psychology.

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