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Coursepacks incorporate material from many different copyrighted publications with minimal cost to the students.

The bookstore makes the process of assembling a coursepack as efficient as possible.

Most material copied for education use incurs copyright fees. We will file for permission to use copyrighted material and incorporate all costs of permisssions, copying, binding and labor into the final cover price.


Copyright costs vary widely. Some coursepacks cost as much as $70, while others are under $5. If you’re concerned about the final cost of your coursepack, consider the following elements we take into account when determining our final price:

  • Copyright permissions. Generally, copyright costs make up 50–70% of the final price. The costs of permissions vary widely by title. Some publishers charge a flat rate for each permission request, in which case we will divide the cost by the number of copies made. Others charge a certain amount per page, or several dollars per article, in which case the cost will be the same for each book no matter how many students are enrolled. Some works are in the public domain, meaning we will not have to charge for copyright.
  • Filing. The bookstore charges $2 per copyright permission request. Multiple selections from the same source (e.g., chapters 2 and 5 from Social Psychology) are considered a single permission request. If a coursepack has 10 sources, we would charge $20 that is then divided among the copies made.
  • Master copies. If the bookstore is asked to photocopy the original material for the coursepack, we charge $.05/page plus labor. You are also free to provide the master copies yourself.
  • Production costs. The copy center will provide us with a “per book” cost for copying, coverstock and binding materials. This is built into our retail price. 
  • Retail margin and returns. These are also built into the final cost. 
Please let us know if you are concerned about keeping your coursepack below a certain price, and we will inform you if the publication will go above that price. 

If you provide the bookstore with correct and complete information about the sources you’re using, we can generally file for and receive permission for the material within six weeks; sometimes much faster if the majority of publishers are affiliated with the Copyright Clearance Center. It is important to honor our deadlines for copyright information if you expect the coursepack to be available to the students the first week of classes.

As a general rule, anything published after 1923 will require copyright fees. This includes material you find on the internet. For a list of resources on copyright policy and law, see Hope’s copyright policy.

Once you’ve assembled your resources, you need to fill out a request form, available at the bookstore. On that form, provide us with information such as ISBN, publisher, and number of pages to be copied.

Coursepack Master Copies

To create a coursepack, the bookstore must have master copies of all material to be included. If you wish the bookstore to create the master copies from the texts, we will provide this service for $.05/page plus labor. In this case, please make sure to indicate the final order of the material, whether you want pagination, a table of contents, and any specifics for cover design. If you will be providing the master copies, please keep the following in mind:

  • To properly copy your coursepack, the masters must be clean and flat. No three-hole punches, curled or bent corners.
  • Consider the students when you are assembling your sources. Avoid books with heavy highlighting, underlining and notes in the margins.
  • If your source does not fill the whole exposure surface of the copier glass, cover this area to avoid large black borders that are ugly and needlessly use up expensive toner.
  • Reduce or enlarge text to make two pages of a book fit on a single copied page and reduce final copying costs. However, this shouldn't take precedence over readability.