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Departmental Publications

Departmental publications include content generated by one or more members of the faculty, and production is overseen by the faculty member, group or department.

Production costs are handled through the department account, and the finished product is delivered to the bookstore. We will do a retail markup and sell the book at our store along with regular textbooks. At the end of the semester, the bookstore credits the specified account number for copies sold and returns unsold books to the department.

Deliver master copies to Campus Print and Mail Services three–five weeks before the semester begins to avoid the backlog of syllabi and other material that must be copied at the beginning of each semester. This ensures the books will be ready for your students on time.

If your material is a departmental publication, include the following information on your textbook adoption form. Otherwise, please contact our textbook manager, Craig Thelen, at thelen@hope.edu or extension x7381, with the information necessary to get the book to your students as soon as it arrives.

Required information

  • Author(s) and title of the publication
  • What course the publication is for
  • Department contact name and phone number or email
  • Department number to be credited for the copies sold
  • Amount you or the department wish to receive per book sold