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Events and Programs

We offer diversity and professional development opportunities that focus on cultural competency and student success.

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CDI Events

Diversity Lecture Series

The Diversity Lectures Series is offered throughout the academic year. Experts share their experiences, research and knowledge using an intersectional approach focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion.


Step2Success invites incoming students of color and their families to arrive two days before Orientation to establish networks of support and develop a greater sense of community during their transition to Hope College.

Community Conversations

Community Conversations are opportunities for the Hope community to discuss and engage in relevant interdisciplinary topics on diversity, equity and inclusion. These conversations are aimed to create greater awareness about societal issues that impact the success of students. 

Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer Mentoring Program is a peer-based support program that pairs first-year students with upper class mentors.

 Women of Color & Senior Recognition

Open to the entire campus community, the Women of Color & Senior Recognition is an annual event to celebrate the accomplishments of graduating seniors. This event consists of awards and recognitions and presentations by four outstanding female seniors. 

GLCA Student of Color Leadership Conference

Sponsored by the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) Committee on Institutional Commitment to Educational Equity, this annual conference empowers students personally, academically, professionally and politically.

Diversity Trainings

Various diversity trainings and workshops are offered for students and departments at Hope College. Some topics include: 

  • Cultural Competence
      • Diversity 101
      • Implicit Bias
      • Micro-Aggressions/Micro-Affirmations
      • Understanding the Power of Privilege
      • Race and Racism in America
  • Leadership Development
      • Dimensions of Collaborative Leadership
      • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Advocacy
      • Framework for Effective Advocacy
      • Developing Allies
  • Sense of Belonging
      • Understanding Theories of Identity Development and Sense of Belonging
      • Intersection of Identities and the College Experience
  • Student Success
      • What Matters to Students
      • Effective Strategies to Support Student Success
Leadership Development Opportunities

Leadership opportunities for students include:

  • Leadership Roundtable Series
  • Conferences and retreats
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Cultural immersion experiences

Student Organization Events

Black Excellence Dinner

The Black Student Union celebrates the achievements and tremendous value of black faculty, staff and students, both past and present, at the annual Black Excellence Dinner.

View photos of the 2018 Black Excellence Dinner