Hope College has partnered with OnSite Wellness to inspire, educate and promote our faculty and staff to live a healthy, engaged and thriving life.

Stay Healthy At Home

While Hope College is operating remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak, here are some resources that can help you stay healthy at home.

Coronavirus Prevention Tips

Self-care information 

Online Learning

Sun Safety

Farmers Market Nutrition Education

Smoothie Ideas

Grilling Ideas

Lunch & Dinner Ideas

Breakfast Ideas


Webinar Recordings

Emotional Intelligence

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Give Me 10!

Guided Meditations

Attitude of Gratitude

Morning Mindfulness

Body Scan

Stress Relief and Building Confidence

Mindful Movement YouTube channel

Live Mindfulness Sessions (April 21–24)

Home Workout Options

*Not seeing something that you are interested in? Try searching on YouTube for the style of workout you like. Also, check with your local gym’s website or Facebook page. Many are providing free streaming of classes during this time.

Mental Health Resources

Wellness wheelWe desire to create a community that has an excellent quality of life by focusing on four dimensions of wellness.

  • Physical: Choosing healthier lifestyle choices such as regular exercise and a balanced diet to optimize your quality of life, to prevent chronic diseases and conditions, and to improve vitality.
  • Mental: Realizing your own potential, coping healthfully with the normal stresses of life, working productively and fruitfully, and giving back to your community.
  • Financial: Establishing your own sense of financial security and freedom of choice, in the present and in the future.
  • Spiritual: Finding purpose in life through connections with yourself, others, culture, nature or a power greater than yourself.

PH=Physical Health    MH=Mental Health    FH=Financial Health    SH=Spiritual Health


Physical Health

WW (Wellness that Works) Program

More opportunities to come soon!

Mental Health
November 20, 2018 — Mental Health & Hope Presentation
Spiritual Health

More to come soon!

Financial Health
Retirement Planning Workshop — The Social Security Administration hosts webinars (registration required) on one day each month. This webinar is interactive, so you may ask questions throughout the presentation.