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Employee Resources

As we work together during these unprecedented times, we need all employees to be aware of several items regarding leave time, benefits and payroll. Know that your wellness is our top priority; we are doing everything we can to reduce the burden of this situation on you and your family.

Please take a few minutes and read through the information below so that you are well prepared for the weeks ahead.

Leave Policies

The college has created new leave policies addressing several COVID-19 situations. Please review the following charts for additional information:

Conditions that qualify for the Covid-19 Serious Health Condition Leave Policy

Based on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Hope College has determined the following serious health conditions will qualify for the new Covid-19 Serious Health Condition Leave Policy.

  • Chronic lung disease (such as COPD, cystic fibrosis, etc.)
  • Moderate to severe asthma (typically difficulty in controlling the asthma)
  • Serious heart conditions
  • Diagnosed immunocompromised diseases (lupus, RA, MS, etc.)
  • Severe obesity (BMI 40 or greater)
  • Diabetes (uncontrolled or requiring insulin)
  • Chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis
  • Liver disease
  • HIV
  • Cancer – currently undergoing treatment for cancer or has undergone treatment in the past 12 months.
  • Other serious conditions based on medical diagnosis
  • Age 65 or older

Other medical conditions/lifestyles that put an individual at higher risk, but do not qualify as a serious health condition, are not applicable for this leave policy but are eligible for the Unpaid Leave Policy.


Tracking Illness

It is very important the college keep track of numbers of those ill with COVID-19 or those asked to self-quarantine.  

  • If you have been asked to quarantine by a medical professional or health department, please notify HR at hr@hope.edu.  
  • If you are ill with COVID-19 symptoms, make sure you stay home until cleared or confirmation can occur (if possible). In either case, please notify HR at hr@hope.edu



If you have not previously signed up for direct deposit of your paycheck, now is the time! Please log in to your plus.hope.edu account and do this right away.

Timecard Approvers

If you approve student and hourly timecards, and you are away from campus, please remember to approve your timecards.

Hourly employees, don’t forget to submit your hours if you are working off site!


Health/Rx Insurance

Employees with BCBSM coverage are encouraged to register for the BCBSM Online Medical Service that Hope’s plan supports. Please take some time to learn about the service and set up your account as an option for non-severe medical needs. You are able to use this as often as you need, and when you use it, you will be speaking in person with licensed physicians and nurses. It is important to enroll now, prior to your becoming ill.

Benefit Changes

If you have a benefit change while you are away from campus, please continue to follow the normal Benefit Changes process, which will alert benefits@hope.edu.


Employees with work-related travel questions should contact Risk and Responsibility for direction. Restrictions do not apply to personal travel. However, you are strongly encouraged to anticipate potential travel issues that could include delays and require self-quarantine upon return. Be aware that, as outbreaks develop, Hope’s travel restrictions may change.


The primary goal of Hope College and the HR team is to make sure you are well cared for during this time, and that you continue to receive your full pay and benefits. This will allow you to focus on your well-being and that of your family. YOU are our most valuable resource! Please take all the necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe during this time!