/ Office of Possibilities


Campus-wide Workshops

Would you like to effectively address the challenges you face in your sphere of influence and beyond? These workshops teach the mindsets, processes, and tools of human-centered design, introducing techniques to channel your creativity towards innovative solutions. Our ultimate goal? To spark a culture of possibility thinking where ideas flow and people flourish, and in so doing to make Hope College one of the most innovative learning environments in the country. Expect an educational and fun experience! 

  • Innovation Foundations Workshop
  • 2.0 Series Workshops
    • Change: From Change Averse to Change Aware
    • Making a Pitch
    • 10+ Steps of Project Management
    • Lessons From a Pilot
    • Advanced PPC

Individual Idea Share

Have an idea you want to pursue? The Idea Share is a one-on-one meeting in which we hold space for you to share your idea(s) in a safe and inviting environment. We listen and ask questions with genuine curiousity, and together piece together viable next steps. Available to students, faculty, staff and even alumni or community members.

Team Idea Advancement

Does your department, office, team or group have a problem you are trying to solve or a design challenge you wish to pursue? Invite us to facilitate a custom designed session(s) with your group to understand your challenge, develop/evaluate ideas and translate emerging solutions into action steps.

Design Camp

Want some focused time with like-minded folks to advance an idea? Design Camp is for you. Bring just yourself or your department, office or team, along with your specific design challenge, for several days of dedicated planning, with Office of Possibilities staff present to facilitate and coach. Whether you want to take your design challenge through the entirety of the design thinking process or just through one of the specific steps, we are there to help. 

Class Visits

Might the students in your class benefit from some design thinking training? Let us know if having us visit your class would be helpful.