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Annual Reports



  1. Every department is required to submit an annual report
  2. The person chairing the department at the time the report is due is responsible for preparing and submitting the annual report
  3. Routing requirements:
    1. Submit electronically (not scanned) in a single PDF file to your dean and to the Office of the Provost (email to provost@hope.edu)
    2. The provost’s office will upload to the college’s internal website
  4. Reports are due to the provost on August 15 each year

Rationale for these policies:

Since the information to be assembled in these reports will have broad usefulness, we plan to disseminate it to all major areas on campus. The reports will be invaluable at accreditation time (e.g., Higher Learning Commission, ACS, NASAD, NAST, etc.) as well as for completion of questionnaires and preparation of proposals for funding. Both the archival and the publicity value of these reports should be obvious. The reports are used by the president, provost, deans, college advancement, admissions and Van Wylen Library — to name just a few.

Guidelines for Annual Departmental Reports

  1. Run a "Departmental Annual Activity Report" and a "Strategic Initiatives Report" in FAR and include both in your review report
    1. Enter July 1 of the previous year through June 30 of the current year as the date range
    2. Under "2 Whom to Include"
      1. Select your department. Click on "Change Selection" for Users Selected by (it appears as text, but is a hyperlink). This will open up a menu for "Individuals or groups to include."  Click the carrot next to "Department," select your department then select "Save."
      2. Select all users by choosing "Enabled and Disabled" from the drop-down menu. This will ensure that faculty that have recently retired or are adjunct are included on your reports
    3. Select "Run Report" on the top right for each report. 
  2. Write a reflection on your department’s year — describe the department’s strengths and contributions to the strategic plan from what you found in the strategic initiatives FAR report.
  3.  Write a reflection on what you’d like us to know about your students (because FAR doesn’t track students, just faculty). Provide whatever student information (successes/issues that aren’t captured in FAR – e.g., Goldwater Award winner) you want us to know about your students and academic programs.
  4. Briefly summarize the program learning outcomes you assessed this year, the results, actions taken, and anything else you would like to share regarding assessing student learning in your department. Download the Assessment Reports your department submitted this year and include them with your report. 
    • To access completed reports, go to Completed Assessment Reports from the link at hope.edu/assessment and open the Academic Program Outcomes Assessment Reports folder (arranged alphabetically by program name).  Download the reports for your programs found in this academic year’s folders.
  5. Provide brief commentary on two–three department goals for the coming year. This commentary will help inform conversations between the chair and dean and help the college know how to best resource departments to obtain these goals. Furthermore, if more than one department has similar goals, we can connect those departments to help them collaborate and optimize the use of resources. 

(Revised with DC approval, Feb. 2023)

Departmental Reports




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The Hope-western prison education program 

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