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Omicron Kappa Epsilon

The men of the Omicron Kappa Episilon fraternity

Quick Facts

  • Letters – ΟΚΕ
  • Nickname – Fraters
  • Motto – The pursuit of friendship, love and truth
  • Colors – Blue and gold
  • Founding Year – 1834
  • Sister Sorority – Sigma Sigma (Sorosis)


The Fraternal Society was established in 1834 at Union College in Schenectady, New York. After prospering for 25 years, it was disbanded when the active members joined the national fraternity, Alpha Delta Phi.

In 1864, Dr. Philip Phelps, Jr., a Frater alumnus and then president of the Holland Academy, re-activated the Fraternal Society. Two years later the academy became Hope College, with Dr. Phelps as its president.

The Fraternal Society's presence and influence in the community are widespread. Many college buildings and public places bear the names of prominent Fraternal alumni. Fraternal alumni have distinguished themselves as Hope College presidents, vice-presidents, registrars, trustees, and faculty and staff members. Other alumni include A.J. Muste, a leading social activist in the labor movement of the 1930s and 40s; Dr. James Poppen, neurosurgeon; Mayo Hadden, retired admiral of the U.S. Navy; William Wichers, Knight of the Orange; John Kuizenga, eminent theologian; James Bultman, president emeritus of Hope College; and Arend Lubbers, president emeritus of Grand Valley State University.

However, just as important are the hundreds of Fraters around the country and world who support our goal of brotherhood. The love of Fraternal is undying... the friendship of Fraternal is enduring... the strength of Fraternal is unchallengeable.


The mission of the Fraternal Literary Society is to willfully suspend ourselves into the balance of spiritual, mental, physical and emotional capacity by upholding the standards of the fathers of our organization. This includes enriching new members of Fraternal with the ways of brotherhood, maintaining a tradition of leadership and excellence, and abiding to the guiding faith of friendship, love and truth to our members. The portrayal of our everlasting strength will shine eternally through to our members, our friends and community, and most importantly to our history of founding brethren.